Painting and decorating team set out to impress

Our painting and decorating team go out to voluntary organisations and do whatever needs doing. It’s wins all round because they get great experience and learn new skills, while the hosts get a nice spruce up!


They recently did some work at Cheetham Hill Advice Centre, and we just got some feedback from Barbara Guest, the centre manager. It’s so nice that we just HAD to share it with you.


“All the trainees were so lovely and helpful, and genuinely wanted to help us out as much as they could, often going above and beyond what was planned in order to make sure things got done – for example by helping us lift up carpets and move furniture around. It was lovely to see those trainees with anxiety problems coming out of their shells and beginning to have conversations with staff, those with low confidence feeling so proud of what they’d achieved, not just for themselves but for us – they could clearly see the difference they’d made and were so chuffed. They’ve been a real pleasure to have around.”