friends FAQ

So what’s this friends thing all about then?
We need your help to secure our future. The demand for our work is now greater than ever – and if we are going to support everyone that needs us then are going to need a little help from our friends.

What do I have to do?
As little or as much as you like, as long as you make a contribution of some kind. A small donation is enough. At the other extreme our friend Gary is about to climb Kilimanjaro in support of our work!

I want to get sponsored for an event. Can I register through Back on Track?
Sorry, at the moment we don’t have the resources to be able to buy charity places. We ask that you enter yourself, then head to our JustGiving page to register for us. The good news is that this means there’s no minimum amount to raise!

How will we get the chance to have a say in your work?
We want to use the friends community to bounce ideas off, and we’d love to hear your own ideas too. We’ll use email surveys, snap polls and competitions, and you’ll be able to give us your feedback at any time.

I’m a local business. How can I help?
One of the biggest areas of need we have is finding local employers to host work experience sessions from our learners (we can offer you all the support you need). We also need people to share their skills and give their time helping people here at Back on Track.

We can’t do any of that stuff yet but we’d still like to help.
No problem! How about organising a staff challenge event or a dress down day?

What events will I get invited to?
We are planning to have an exclusive ‘thank you’ event for our friends later in the year, which will include the chance to hear from the people you are supporting and find out about the impact we’re making.

I still can’t think of anything to do. Can you make a suggestion?
Sure, just get in touch and we’ll talk it over.

Great – but I’m still not sure what a friend of Back on Track looks like.
OK, just look in the mirror for a moment…like that!