Back on Track has a friendly approach to learning and skills. We design our activities so that they are in the right times and the right places to reach our target groups. This means that you can usually start a course within one week.

Everything we do is informed by the following


Back on Track offers a warm welcome to those who want to make a fresh start. We think that a friendly approach gets the best out of everyone involved in the organisation.



We aim to be a learning organisation, constantly improving our effectiveness, learning from mistakes, and enabling staff and volunteers to be active learners.

We work with a spirit of equality, listening to each other and respecting the rights, views and needs of others.

We help people to take responsibility for setting their own goals. We seek to challenge inequality and power imbalances in society by working with the most disadvantaged.

We respond to individual needs on an individual basis; we respond to a changing environment with energy and creativity.

We build strong relationships with other organisations and with our service users.


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 our values