Celebrating change in verse

Anyone who was at our celebration event a few weeks ago won’t forget the moment our service user Kel stood up and read out her poem ‘7 months’. The poem is about the the changes she’s seen in her life since she started coming to Back on Track. We’d like to share it with you.  

kell poem

7 Months

A new life has begun

Another day I have won

Every day was a challenge
Now I challenge myself

I wake up every day
I face it a new way

7 months ago my life was dark
Now it’s more like a walk in the park

Living to succeed and be myself
Is better than my other self

Life isn’t always great
But now I like walking out the garden gate


With a smile on my face
With more room in my head for space

7 days 7 weeks 7 months

My life has changed
There is new things I’ve arranged

New friends I’ve made
Others never stayed