Our courses


Our timetable of courses and activities changes six times a year. If you’re interested in signing up or referring someone, please call 0161 834 1661 to make an appointment, or come to our drop-in any Tuesday from 1-3pm. All our courses are for people with experience of drug and alcohol problems, homelessness, offending, or mental health problems. The timetable below runs from Monday 16 April – Friday 25 May.

Course Day Time What's it about?
One-off training session
Kitchen Induction Thur 12 April 1.15 - 4.15 A health and safety training session for everyone signing up to do a cookery course.
Starter courses (one day a week)
Around the World Monday 1.15 - 4.15 Learn about the world and explore different cultures Read more
Wellbeing Monday 1.15 - 4.15 Learn techniques to boost mood and improve wellbeing Read more
Out and About Tuesday 9:45 - 1:15 Try new activities and visit interesting places around Manchester Read more
Arts and Crafts Tuesday 9.45 - 12.45 Use a range of materials, design and create Read more
The Sound of Music Tuesday 1.15 - 4.15 Explore types of music. Discover links between music and wellbeing Read more
Drama Tuesday 1.15 - 4.15 Express yourself and gain confidence to perform Read more
Gogglebox Wednesday 9.45 - 12.45 Watch key films and documentaries, discuss and debate Read more
Women's Activity Wednesday 1.15 - 4.15 A session for women to take part in a variety of activity and topical discussion
Cheap as Chips Wednesday 1.30 - 4.30 Learn to cook a range of tasty dishes on a budget Read more
Basic Skills (English, Maths and Computers). You will need to do an assessment before starting English or Maths so we know which group to place you in.
Basic Skills Assessment Monday 1.15 - 3:15 Find out what level you are in English and Maths
English Improvers Tuesday 9.45 - 12.45 Take your reading and writing further Read more
English Wednesday 9.45 - 12.45 Make a start on improving your reading and writing Read more
Maths Wednesday 1.15 - 4.15 Improve your number skills for everyday life Read more
IT for everyday life Friday 9:45 - 12:45 This course provides a basic introduction – or refresher - to computers Read more
Volunteering, Employment and Moving On
Get Practical Thursday 10 - 3:00 With hints and tips from experts in the field, work as a team to improve local a community venue Read more
Confidence and Communication for Life and Work Thursday 9.45 - 3:45 Prepare to communicate with people in different roles, relationships and situations Read more
Moving On Group Friday 1.30 - 4:00 Find out about, seach and apply for education, volunteering and employment opportunities Read more

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