Are you looking for somewhere in the city centre to hold a meeting? Need to find catering?


Macc have a number of excellent rooms available in different sizes to suit your needs at affordable rates.


Swan Kitchens is now delighted to be able to offer catering for meetings hosted by Macc. We can provide a range of delicious hot and cold food to suit every taste and dietary requirement. We have a long list of menu options, including sandwich platters and hot gourmet specials. 




Using ethical products


We use our purchasing power to support change and fight poverty through trade. We buy stuff from Peros, the UK’s leading ethical product supplier to the hospitality industry. We use Fairtrade tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar and a range of Fairtrade fruit juices and gluten free products. 

Avoiding food waste


We talk to customers to make sure they are order the right amount of food. If any is left over we make sure it is used by the local community. And we work closely with FareShare, using surplus food that would have gone to waste, and educating our catering staff on how to reduce waste. 

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Swan Kitchens: catering for




Supporting the community


By getting your catering from us, you will help your community. Our café and catering operations are staffed by volunteers and service users who are rebuilding their lives after overcoming problems with homelessness, substance misuse, mental health and/or offending.  We provide training, qualifications and support to help people move into paid or voluntary work.

pasta crispy bacon * soups * homemade muffins *artisan  breads * sandwich platters * almond scones * salads * veggie chili * drizzle cake quinoa * butternut squash asparagus quiche cheeses * leek and mushroom frittata * vegetarian * falafel * pies * samosas * curries * chutney * jacket potatoes * coffee * brownies * feta afternoon tea * couscous 



step one: click for menu choices and booking form (order at least three days before your meeting)


step two: enjoy!





how it works… 

Swan Kitchens is Back on Track’s in-house café and catering operation, providing cheap and nutritious food and drink for our centre users, and corporate catering for organisations using Macc’s training rooms in Swan Buildings.     

But that’s not all! We also have a strong social and environmental purpose. There are no shareholders here. Instead all of our profits are reinvested into Back on Track services to support adults who are recovering from difficult pasts. This allows us to support even more people who are trying to rebuild their lives.      



Welcome to Swan Kitchens


The primary purpose of our café and catering business is to provide a supportive training environment for our service users and volunteers. Our café and catering functions are staffed primarily by volunteers and service users, most of whom are rebuilding their lives after overcoming problems with homelessness, substance misuse, mental health and/or homelessness. 


Through Swan Kitchens we can provide real work experience opportunities that give people a second chance to explore a career in catering and plan for a great future.  



Thanks to Stalwart Films for donating their time and skills to make this video for us