New job vacancies at Back on Track

We have two new vacancies to join the team here at Back on Track.

The first is the completely new post of Wellbeing Coordinator. You’ll be responsible for developing a range of wellbeing activities, including teaching wellbeing courses. The role will also include overseeing and developing service user involvement. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen how wellbeing activities can have a huge impact on people facing disadvantage, which is why we’ve created this new role.

This one has been made possible by a new three year grant from the Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation – huge thanks to them. 

The second job is Achieve Coordinator, working on the Achieve North West Connect project. It involves mentoring and supporting people on probation to achieve qualifications and move into sustainable employment. 

Both of these jobs are a chance to make a real difference while working for an innovative and vibrant charity – us!

Read the full job descriptions and find out how to apply

Introducing: our two new patrons for 2018

We’re delighted to introduce two very special new patrons! 

One is the acclaimed and award winning Manchester chef and food writer/broadcaster Mary-Ellen McTague. The other is Mike Joyce, a musician and DJ who was of course a member of one of Manchester’s most iconic bands, The Smiths. 

We’re going to be working with Mary-Ellen and Mike (pictured with our CEO Siobhan) on some exciting projects this year. So great to have them on Team Back on Track.

A look back at our 40th anniversary event

As we come towards the end of 2017, a look back. Filmmaker Jessica Hearne made this great short film about our 40th anniversary event in July, capturing the highlights of a wonderful day. 

To see more about Jessica’s work go to

FUN FUN FUN at Back on Track

Shane and Danny are back! Having wowed the crowds at our 40th anniversary event in July, they have now reworked the Beach Boys’ classic Fun Fun Fun in tribute to Back on Track. Check it out cos it’s brilliant.

The guys met in Back on Track’s music group and discovered a shared love of 60s pop. They have now formed a band called The Budoka Sound and have recorded a whole ALBUM of original material. You WILL be hearing more about this.


It’s hard to believe it now, but it was only just over two years ago that Sheena reached her lowest point. Her life had come apart and she found herself without a home. For a while she got by sofa surfing but one night she finally ran out of options – and ended up sleeping under a bench in Wythenshawe Park. “I was terrified,” she says. “Every little noise frightened me. I hardly slept at all. I was in a bad place – I was homeless but I couldn’t shake myself up to do something about it. I couldn’t see a way out.”

Sheena still remembers the exact day she got up the strength to take matters into her own hands. “It was the 27th December 2014. I finally went to the town hall to ask for helping finding accommodation. They told me to go to the Booth Centre – but I only had half an hour to get there and I didn’t know how to find it.”

At that moment the course of her life was changed by a simple act of kindness. She asked a couple – about to get in a taxi – for directions. “They put me in their taxi and took me straight to the Booth Centre. When I got there the staff found me somewhere to stay straight away. I wish I’d found out their names because I’d love to thank them for what they did. So I just want to say it now: whoever you are, thank you.” 

Although she had now somewhere to live, things were still difficult for her. 

“The first place I was in was horrible to be honest. There were women fighting constantly all night, it was noisy, drugs were everywhere. I lived there for seven months. Then I moved to a women’s shared housing project, and that was better. It was much more peaceful there. And I got on really well with the Lesley, the manager. I still keep in touch.”

It was Lesley that told Sheena about Back on Track and how we might be able to help her. After visiting our centre Sheena signed up for several of our courses – she has kept all her certificates and brings them in to proudly show me. The biggest challenge, she says, was the Health and Social Care training course, which included a day a week at The Manchester College.

“It was tough! But it was good. I learned about working with people, not to be judgmental. I also made a lot of friends and I’m still in touch with them. Everyone really helped each other out. At first I was the quiet mouse in the corner. But I really came out of my shell. By the end they were all calling me the gobby one out of the group! I owe so much to Andy and the other staff at Back on Track.”

The training course was a turning point for Sheena. She realised she wanted to help other people who’d been through the same experiences as her. She’s now training to be a peer mentor with the Inspiring Change Manchester programme, which supports people with lived experience of offending, substance misuse, homelessness and mental health problems. In the long term she wants to find paid work supporting people.

“I do need to learn more about supporting offenders because I don’t have any lived experience in that area. I’m fine with all the other stuff, I’ve got plenty of experience with all of that. Been there, worn the t-shirt as they say!”

“It’s tough though,” she says. “So many jobs are zero hours. There aren’t many real jobs around these days. Even real work experience would help me because there’s nothing like learning by doing the real thing.”

How does my life compare to when I first came to Back on Track? There’s no comparison. I’ve come a million miles. I’ve even got a new flat of my own now. It’s in a lovely quiet area – I love it. I know there’s still a long way to go but the difference is now I believe that I’ll get there.”

Thanks to Train Aid

A big thank you to Train Aid for providing free first aid training to Back on Track staff this week. Our team members Kim and Caron completed the Level 2 Emergency First Aid At Work course, which teaches real lifesaving skills. 

Kim said, ‘The course was really really good. It was delivered in an easy, straightforward way and I learned so many things I didn’t know!’

To find out more about Train Aid’s courses visit

Coming to a tram stop near you

Next time you pass a Metrolink stop have a look out for one of these poems. 

They have been written by Back on Track service users as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the homelessness problem in Manchester this winter. This one, Sleeping With My Boots On, is by Lawrence, who has been homeless himself.

The campaign is a partnership between Back on Track, Street Support and Transport for General Manchester.

Vote for us in the Aviva Community Fund

We need your votes! Our Swan Kitchens cafe team have been trying out outside catering, and it’s been such a hit that we want to expand it so we can deliver right across Manchester. Only one problem: no delivery van! 


You can read the full story and vote for us here: Back on Track: delivering hope


If this gets off the ground we will be able to take on people from disadvantaged backgrounds in paid roles – catering assistants and apprentices. So just a few clicks now could mean someone getting a job that will totally transform their life! 









Withington Golf Club – charity of the year


Feeling below par? Well, we have some tee-mendous news for you. Back on Track has been chosen to be Withington Golf Club’s charity of the year. Martin, the new club captain, came to visit Swan Buildings this week and was really impressed with what he saw. Their previous chosen charities have included The Christie and Alzheimer’s Society – not bad company to be in at all!


We’re really excited about working with the club on some great fundraising events over the next year.