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Our vision and mission

Our vision

Our vision is a Greater Manchester where everyone can get the skills and experience they need to imagine a better future then make it happen.

Our mission

We provide the opportunity to learn for people affected by homelessness, mental health problems, drug and alcohol misuse, and offending, so they can make positive changes that last.  We do this through:

Providing a place
Our centre in Manchester is a safe, friendly community where people feel they belong and can make new connections.  It’s a place where recovery is supported and change sustained, where health and wellbeing is a priority.

Empowerment through learning
Our courses, activities, work experience and volunteering enable people to learn and build their confidence at a pace that’s right for them. People support each other and are empowered to build on their strengths and believe in themselves.

People making lasting changes and determining their own future
We create an environment where people can get the right support and guidance to make choices about what kind of future they want.  It could be paid work, volunteering or further training, or about living in a healthier and more fulfilling way.

Campaigning and influencing
We bring about positive change by influencing the public, organisations and policymakers. We work with employers to ensure that everybody gets a fair chance, regardless of their past. We are committed to challenging discrimination and promoting positive perceptions of people with complex needs.

Our values

  • We build on people’s strengths
  • Everyone is treated with kindness, respect, and fairness
  • We are professional and effective
  • We are always learning and welcome new ideas
  • We collaborate to get the best results
  • We promote a balanced work life and a happy and open workplace where we empower and support each other


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