Having our say

Thanks to Back on track, I recognise my personal worth within society August 15, 2018

My name is Roney Commons. For the past 18 months I have been employed at Back on Track, firstly via a three month contract with Back on Track, and then a year contract with Shelter on the Inspiring Change Manchester project, which was extended due to my finding part time employment at The Men’s Room. I have found my time at this service very developing, I have learnt much and feel I may have found… Read more

My student placement helped me to have confidence August 6, 2018

Before starting my 70 day social work placement at Back and Track for my second year for my university degree, I was very anxious about working in a professional environment due to having no experience previously. I found that I easily settled in and fitted within the placement and I found the staff at Back on Track were very supportive. The placement has really helped me improve my skills and knowledge in several areas and… Read more

My Addiction August 1, 2018

For years I used to drink and take other substances which I thought was OK just to take away the stress of life. My children were young I worked a lot of hours and over the years my drinking got worse. I was verbally abusive as well as physically abusive towards my children, also to people around me. I thought my life was good but everything was falling apart around me. My marriage broke up… Read more

Back on Track helped me feel optimistic about the future. July 17, 2018

I was fed up because of not working due to long term mental health problems, and often feel isolated and lonely due to Asperger’s Syndrome. I got a referral to Back on Track and it was here I met lots of friendly staff who helped me with no end of problems. The first people I met were the volunteer receptionists who were very helpful, friendly and happy to be working. Then I met the friendly… Read more

There’s something for everyone. July 12, 2018

Having spent the last 9 months in achieve Trafford I discovered Back On Track through different people there. I have enrolled in the health wise course, and the computer skills for life course. The health wise course consists of learning about various parts of the body and the effects they can have on your health. Having serious health issues myself I have found the course extremely useful in maintaining a balanced life style, helping me… Read more

Solving puzzles together July 10, 2018

I have been attending Back on Track for over a month now. The reason I chose to come to Back on Track was to improve my social skills and build up my confidence to try and work comfortably within a group environment. There are a number of different courses that I have interest in doing from practical task to days out and courses that are focused on improving job skills that I will take part… Read more

Easy as 123… July 9, 2018

I came to Back on Track 5 years ago first time and I could not read or write and it helped me a lot because they start teaching me from basic English and Maths. Coming to Back on Track helped me to be confident about myself. It’s a place that you can feel free to talk to people and not be judged, everyone makes you feel happy and relax and be motivated. Back on Track… Read more

Life Lessons on Confidence July 4, 2018

Lack of confidence can prevent us from stepping forward and achieving. Think of how many times in your life that you have listened to your inner critic or a voice of doubt which tells you you can’t do something. Bad relationships or being bullied at school or similar experiences can knock our sense of perspective on what we think we can achieve. So we settle for much less than we are capable of. I am… Read more

Why volunteer? June 27, 2018

Stocktaking my reasons to be cheerful in the months after retiring from a long and happy career in teaching, my list looked something like this: Enjoying the freedom of a non-timetabled life? Check.Resetting my body clock to a slower pace? Check.Relishing having time with friends and family? Check.Abandoning myself to a frenzy of booking cheap flights not in term time? Check.Feeling good about doing things for others? Hmmm, not so much. Whilst the whole concept… Read more