What are your desert island discs?

This term Kate has been running a music appreciation course called ‘Thank you for the Music’. She explains;

Our learners have been busy learning how music can improve our wellbeing – whether that’s listening to music for relaxation, creating a playlist to motivate us, or using music as a way to express our emotions.

We have been listening to all genres of music, from Samba, Arabic, African, Metal, Jazz, Indie, Reggae and much more!  The class were involved in a centre wide survey asking others to name three albums they would take to a desert island – ranging from  Fleetwood Mac and Elvis Presley to Earth Wind and Fire and Depeche Mode!

In the next few sessions we will be attempting to make our own musical instruments and planning our very own fantasy festival line up, as well as visiting the Bridgewater Hall for a tour around one of Manchester’s famous music venues.

Here are some of the tracks our learners selected when we we asked them to select their their own desert island discs…

Ian said this song would help him to forgive yesterday, and enjoy today;

and that if he wanted some good advice he would listen to this;

and if he wanted to solve all the problems in the world he’d listen to this;


Meanwhile, Samiha said she likes to listen to this at home with her son because it has at least three languages they know Swahili, English and French;

These songs remind Samiha of weddings in Africa that she went to when she was young. First some Danish/Norweigan dance pop,

and a very nice Arabic song

Also, she really likes a new Swahili song called Tetema, which means shake “Even if you’re fat – Just keep shaking!” Explains Samiha,

and finally, a song that motivates her;


Thanks for your selections folks!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what tracks would you like to be able to listen to?