We are The Storm.

We are the Storm

As ferocious as a wild animal

Breathing fear into the world with its flashing and crashing


Rolling thunder, stills my thoughts

eyes seeking for an eye in this hurricane

Wind and rain getting soaking wet

and words whip salty tears.

This is no storm in a tea cup

I thought you had sugar and made sure it was warm

But it was left outside to go cold,

along with the washing that hangs on by the last peg.

Now this house has been far out at sea all night

Ripped from its anchor, drifting towards clearer skies

I can see, the storm is now over


Creative writing group  

September 2018


A member of the group, Joe Dart, explains the process;

This poem was created by the Creative Writing class here at Back On Track. The class were given a subject to write a line of a poem each. Without discussing it, they sat quietly and wrote their individual lines on strips of A3 paper. They then laid the strips out on the table and discussed which lines to put where and how to make it flow nicely. This is the amazing result.