Talking is important!

“Talking is important!” says Kate Hardy, our Wellbeing Coordinator. “Not just on World Mental Health Day – at Back on Track we provide a wide range of courses to help people build their skills and confidence, but it also helps to provide people with a safe environment where people can build coping strategies when life isn’t going so well and feel like they can talk to someone if they are struggling”.

Kate is currently running a weekly session called ‘Having a Voice’, where people can develop their communication skills and increase their confidence to speak out about things that are important to them. It’s part of a year round programme of activities that help people to improve their wellbeing, as Kate expalins;

“We try and incorporate the 5 Ways to Wellbeing into our work; Connect, Take Notice, Give, Keep Learning and Be Active; from volunteering, learning a new skill, trying mindfulness, or visiting a local tourist attraction – sometimes simple things can help when things get too overwhelming”.

Wellbeing display at Back on Track

This isn’t just Kates advice. Talking about your feelings is also the number 1 piece of advice on looking after your mental health according to The Mental Health Foundation website, where you can find loads more advice about achieving and maintaining good mental health. It’s worth a look anytime, not just on World Mental Health day.