I am a positive role model.

This is my journey to how I am here today.

The wrong path began when I was little as I remember. Smoking dimps, sniffing gas, then glue, plaster remover etc. Wagging school, drinking cheap wine, eating magic mushrooms off the school fields. Small things.

Time goes by and leads to harder misuse of substances, in my case, dope /dodos, speed, mixing alcohol with tablets. Eventually it lands at a problem. Crack starts finding its way into the can, you’re no longer in control.

Crime, denial, lies, and loneliness soon follows.

The path.

Prison soon arrived. Relationship breakdown, health problems begin, blackouts, deaths. Rehabs, detox, hallucinations, breathing difficulties. End result HOSPITAL.

The turnabout.

Support comes from narcotics anonymous, drug and alcohol services, Manchester health & wellbeing, peers, similar people. The main thing for myself was VALUES, in other words I was nothing like what I wanted, never understood, no mirror image.

Like it says on the tin – life BACK ON TRACK. The staff/courses/help.

The outcome.

Today I am 8 weeks clear of my past, not free, but going forward with awareness of trigger points.

I’m rebuilding contact via pro centre with my children which I lost 2 years ago, receiving help and am in a good place today.

Andrew McDonald.