Thanks to Back on Track, I recognise my personal worth within society

My name is Roney Commons. For the past 18 months I have been employed at Back on Track, firstly via a three month contract with Back on Track, and then a year contract with Shelter on the Inspiring Change Manchester project, which was extended due to my finding part time employment at The Men’s Room. I have found my time at this service very developing, I have learnt much and feel I may have found the person I was whilst operating for this service, before my own personal life struggles began.

I am sad to be leaving Back on Track, I feel a warmth here, that was absent at some of the services I volunteered for before Back on Track gave me my break and offered me a contract. It couldn’t have happened at a better place, I’ve learnt an awful lot and the skills I’ve gained have made me employable and able to move on with ease. I didn’t think I would ever be offered contracts of paid employment, due to my offending past, but Back on Track looked at what had happened since my offending and drug addiction had ceased, rather than just looking at the mistakes I’d made in the past.

I have seen people come to the service with very little in their lives and walk away with employment, having proved their hard work on work placements from Back on Track, and I saw this happen in a short space of time. I see a rotation of new and veteran volunteers, without whose hard efforts the service could not operate. I am really no exception from any of these people, as I had very little in my life before operating for them myself. I was a few years out of addiction, I was clinging on to stay clean and couldn’t really see a future long term plan. Today things aren’t like that thanks to Back on Track, I can see a future plan now and I recognise my personal worth within society.

I did not picture myself on the ‘Office 2’ side of the pane of glass, sat behind a desk at Back on Track, and yet there I have sat for the last 18 months. I would imagine that some people who use the Back on Track service reading this, can also not picture themselves yet working paid employment here or elsewhere, as did I. I am telling you now that this would be faulty thinking. I have witnessed the worth of the students and volunteers at Back on Track first hand and I see great potential and need for you. Thank you very much to all the paid and unpaid staff and students at Back on Track, for making my time here so nice and memorable for the right reasons. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope I’ll see you in the future.


Kind regards, Roney Commons.