My Addiction

For years I used to drink and take other substances which I thought was OK just to take away the stress of life.

My children were young I worked a lot of hours and over the years my drinking got worse. I was verbally abusive as well as physically abusive towards my children, also to people around me.

I thought my life was good but everything was falling apart around me. My marriage broke up my husband left I lost my home because I couldn’t afford to keep it.

Then my children left while they were very young. They couldn’t stand to be around me.

I did manage to keep my job for a few more years but then drinking got worse still not knowing what I was doing or where I was going. Then went to work one night drunk and had an abusive slanging match with one of the staff and out of anger I walked out went home got a phone call the following morning not knowing what I had really done. My manager suspended me pending an inquiry, it was a scary few weeks then had to let me go after 12 years of working really hard to get where I was.

Then my drinking really took off, not knowing what I was capable of.

After been in a violent relationship for 16 years I was out of control, getting in trouble with police, also waking up in strange places but the drink was all I wanted.

With no money and desperate for a drink I had to start selling things out of my home to get drink and I then knew I had a problem.

So I went to the doctors broke down and then I had a detox. My worker was great I started to go to AA meetings, got lots of identification that I was an alcoholic but relapsed six months and then again at 12 months.

Then it was suggested to me to starting looking for a sponsor with no success so I did a community rehab and met a lovely lady who volunteered there who I got on with really well so I asked her to sponsor me and she said yes. So I been through the big book done 12 step program and now living life.

I am now 14 months sober. My life is beautiful, so very proud of where I have come from.

I have peace of mind today.

Feel free today.

Have humility today.

Can love today.

And for all this is truly grateful.

Got my children in my life today.

Going to college today.

And finding myself – and what I’m finding out about myself is truly likable.

Feel very free today.

I have a life today.