Back on Track helped me feel optimistic about the future.

I was fed up because of not working due to long term mental health problems, and often feel isolated and lonely due to Asperger’s Syndrome. I got a referral to Back on Track and it was here I met lots of friendly staff who helped me with no end of problems. The first people I met were the volunteer receptionists who were very helpful, friendly and happy to be working. Then I met the friendly canteen staff and saw the lovely array of freshly prepared food made by the volunteers. I was awed by how cheap it was.

Kim and Rolli did my induction, who were very friendly and welcoming, and made me feel really comfortable even when I didn’t want to go. They told me about lots of courses I could do here at Back on Track, even free driving lessons that I could get from doing another course.

Having left after my first day with an appointment for enrolment, I went home happy that all my needs had been met and optimistic about the future.

I had my enrollment with Kim, who did my induction. I got asked lots of questions & gave lots of comments and I was really surprised with how thorough it was. I was given lots of details on courses that I had asked for, and got all my questions answered.  I had some ideas for the future that I wanted to put into place, and left with an appointment with Samantha the careers advisor and another appointment with Kim, who promised to help me with my disability needs.

When I turned up for the appointment with Samantha I wasn’t well with my mental health and immediately got support from the caring staff at Back on Track. I was allowed to use the phone to contact my doctor and was given contact details to help me with relevant links. This time I saw another side to the staff of empathy and caring. They followed up inquiring about my health the next time I saw them, even though I was feeling much better the compassion I received was remarkable.

A helping Hand

The appointment with Samantha went well. It ended with me getting some homework to research relevant to my own goals, an insight into the challenges and hope with the offer of more help in the future. I also booked a follow up appointment at Back on Track.

My first day on the course was with the Poundstretcher group, where I was learning to manage a budget with Sue, the tutor. The class was very detailed. I was given homework that really helped me manage my budget. It gave me hope and insight that I could get to grips with my budget forever, it was in that much detail. I’ve lost money in the past through lack of detail, so this was really valuable – literally!

Looking closely at money

I was surprised with the variety of courses, especially the unexpected bonus of singing lessons that I could sign up for. These sessions were fun, I really enjoyed them and they really helped to shift my mood. It’s also worth mentioning that my first day at Back On Track I got a meal of meatballs for two pounds, and a salad for fifty pence. They were the best meatballs I had ever had – delicious and a generous portion – very filling!

Adrian Airey.