I lived most of my life isolated and full of fear. My core behaviours are avoidance, controlling and feared to death of being rejected. This way took me to using class A drugs and surviving two years on the streets of Manchester. I wanted to be dead every day for over a year and came too close five times. More so the devastation my actions caused was killing my family. Their lives too was put on hold. I’m only writing this message due to Back on Track who amongst other support groups create miracles on a daily basis. There’s no better gift than life itself…what’s more is then they show you a life worth living. They support me in a whole manner of ways…step by step guiding me whilst facing my fears which I’m learning by achieving my goals that I don’t have to be feared anymore. I’m accepted for who I am. They show me I’m a human being and the beauty of this place is so is everyone else in there. From the manager to me. I feel we are all different characters but all of us are equals. Time is extremely precious…something that they always have for me. A massive change is my family through my new way of life are finally also able to get their lives back on track too…a very grateful frightened little boy growing up to be a man.