Maysie soars thanks to Back on Track

When Maysie started at Back on Track she was in rehabilitation after suffering from serious mental health problems. Things have really turned around for her since then – she has just been accepted onto a teaching training course. In three years’ time she’ll be a fully qualified primary school teacher.

Maysie has got a lot out of coming to Back on Track. As she says, ‘It’s been great to meet new people and try out new things in such a welcoming place.’ Her favourite has been our creative writing and course, which a lot of people have told us really helps with boosting self-confidence and wellbeing.

Maysie has shared a poem she has written which sums it all up for her. It finishes like this:

What I will do with my good mental wellbeing
Is learn and study some more
My knowledge will become all seeing
As a teacher my ambitions will soar